The Process of Ornamental Ironwork


designBuilders Ironworks, Inc. has the capability to create ornamental ironwork from either shop drawings, blueprints, or simply from a conceptual idea. Sketches or samples can be used to portray a desired product while we help you determine which effect best matches your needs.


fabricationBuilders Ironworks, Inc. has a 8,000 sq. ft. shop located in Steger, IL. It is here where our skilled craftsmen create ornamental ironwork. Our warehouse contains various machinery and tools which assist in the fabrication process such as rollers, shears, air hammer, forge, hydraulic benders, drill presses, punches, cold & band saws, copers, and an assortment of welding and grinding equipment. Close attention is directed towards the details of our work, as the many intricacies of iron are important in a lasting product.


installationBuilders Ironworks, Inc. installs its ornamental iron products throughout the entire Chicagoland area. Most pieces are loaded onto one of our stake bed trucks and transferred to the job location. Other larger items require the use of our flatbed trailer and a crane or lift.


finishBuilders Ironworks, Inc. has the ability to provide a variety of long-lasting finishes that will enable you to achieve the look that you desire. For more information on our finishes click here.