Standard Paint Finish (*Included in Pricing)

Builders Ironworks, Inc. provides a high quality satin black enamel primer that is dipped in a paint tank as its standard prime coat. After installation, field welds are touched up on site. We recommend that the product be re-coated within one year for the best results; however we have seen this finish last as long as eight years without structural damage to the iron.

A Few Examples of Standard Paint Finishes:

Fence with Black Primer Coat
Fence with Black Primer Coat
Stair with Black Primer Coat
Stair with Black Primer Coat
Exterior Rails with Black Primer Coat
Exterior Rails with Black Primer Coat

Powder Coat Paint Finish (Additional Charge)

Builders Ironworks, Inc. also offers a superior finish known as powder coating. We do not perform this service ourselves, but rather sub the projects out to professional powder coating companies. A brief explanation of the powder coating process is as follows:

  • The finished fabricated product (raw steel) is first sandblasted
  • Paint is then applied to the product electro-statically as a powder
  • The product is then transferred into an industrial oven where it is “baked” at 400 degrees
  • Because there is no cure time after this process, the product can be ready for installation the next day.

As in any business decision, there are also some drawbacks to consider when judging whether powder coating is right for you. Some of these drawbacks are:

  • Higher cost – price per foot charged by powder coat companies, labor, etc.
  • The powder does not always get into every “nook and cranny”, (e.g. – where pickets meet the punched channel) and therefore, a small amount of rust may appear at these spots. Builders Ironworks, Inc. will provide a can of matching spray paint that will touch these spots up.
  • Time – powder coating is another step in the process of providing the finished product and adds an additional two weeks to oftentimes expeditious scheduling. If there are unforeseen problems with the product, correcting the problem between re-fabrication and re-powder coating can add another two weeks. An example of this could be a problem discovered on the field at installation. Builders Ironworks, Inc. will do its best to expedite the situation.

Please feel free to discuss with us whether or not powder coating is right for your project. A powder coating color chart can be provided for selection of colors.

Please note that Hybrids are for interior application only. The Urethanes and Polyesters may be used in both interior and exterior applications and permanent on interior applications.

A Few Examples of Powder Coat Finishes:

Spartan Bronze
Spartan Bronze Powder Coat Finish
Statuary Bronze
Statuary Bronze Powder Coat Finish
Matte Black
Matte Black Powder Coat Finish
Red Gloss
Red Gloss Powder Coat Finish


Other Custom Finishes (Additional Charge)

Builders Ironworks, Inc. also has the capability of providing other custom paint finishes upon request.

A Few Examples of Some of Our Custom Paint Finishes:

Oil Rubbed Bronze 1
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze 2
Oil Rubbed Bronze (Closeup)
Raw Steel Clear Coat 1
Raw Steel with Clear Coat
Raw Steel Clear Coat 2
Raw Steel with Clear Coat (Closeup)
Rust with Clear Coat
Rusted Steel with Clear Coat

Please contact us to discuss other possibilities.